ATF Volume 2 Chapter 59

Goddess Lunaria’s Fan Club

“Ah~” Bayun Xiaoqi gave a long sigh, as if recalling countless memories, but the anger in his chest could not be dissipated.

Tyre heard this and suddenly realized why Bayun Xiaoqi had asked Constantine’s last name during the day.

It turned out that this was the reason.

The Morpheus Executioner Family, the emperor’s right hand, controlled the punishment of all criminals in the northern part of the Empire. It can take control of all the forces in the north, including deities, in order to deal with sinners.

Tyre didn’t know the Bayun Family’s history, but he was able to tell from Bayun Xiaoqi’s words that it was probably a relatively large family clan in the Vermilion Kingdom.

However, even though the Executioners killed many of the members of the Bayun Family, the patriarch of the Bayun Family was silent on the matter. Even though the Executioner Family obviously made a huge mistake, the Vermilion Kingdom and Xigely Empire did nothing to them. This showed just how powerful they were.

Anyways, as an outsider Tyre no longer thought about it. It had nothing to do with him.

“Hahaha, it’s funny, obviously I wanted to talk to you about ideals, but I ended up telling you about my past.” Bayun Xiaoqi laughed at himself and then looked at Tyre.

“Tyre, how about your past?”

“My past~” Tyre couldn’t remember even a shred of his past.

“I might not have a past”


“That is to say, I lost my memories”

“Oh, I’m sorry . . . . . .” After Bayun Xiaoqi’s apology, Tyre shook his head slightly.

“It doesn’t matter, It’s not like I just lost them two days ago” Tyre shrugged his shoulders. Although on the surface he seemed uncaring, only he knew just how obsessed he was with his past.

How much he had to pay to get information about Avalon and how much he paid to get into Avalon were both significant prices and couldn’t be ignored. Now that he had come this far, he had to obtain the Sacred Grade item that could restore his memories[I don’t remember what the previous translator called it]. But he wouldn’t be able to use it for now as he had no significant value to the school. But even though they wouldn’t agree now, once he becomes more powerful they would naturally value him higher and let him use it.

“What about your dreams Tyre?”

“My dreams?” Tyre couldn’t help but smile at Bayun Xiaoqi’s question. He thought about his experiences so far.

Completing all of his techniques was probably Tyre’s biggest goal right now, but he couldn’t really call that a dream. And besides that he couldn’t think of anything else.

“I don’t have any dreams” Tyre didn’t intend to use lies to dodge the question. Bayun Xiaoqi nodded slightly and wasn’t surprised.

“Oh, coincidentally I don’t have any either”


“Yes, I won’t have any dreams before finding out the truth about what happened back then” Bayun Xiaoqi’s words were determined. It was obvious he was worried about his miserable experience in the past. After all, almost all of his close relatives died there, and because of that his father became depressed and died soon after. If that wasn’t strange then he wouldn’t believe in Constantine.

Speaking of Constantine, Tyre felt that it was about time he went to the comic relief character in order to settle their debts. Did he think that Tyre was easy to bully?

“Ah~, after talking with Tyre I feel a lot more comfortable”

Bayun Xiaoqi stretched his body out and Tyre unconsciously turned his head away from him.

It’s not evil to see no evil.

But it wasn’t evil to have little fantasies. If he saw Bayun Xiaoqi as a man now, then Tyre may become even more confused and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Therefore, in his fantasies Bayun Xiaoqi better be a girl.

“This is my first time taking a bath with someone else and now I feel refreshed”

“First- First time” Tyre hadn’t heard anything after that. He felt that his outlook on life seemed to be changing and that the circuits in his mind were becoming deformed.

“Xiao, Xiaoqi, I’m a little dizzy, you can stay in here for a while longer, sorry” Tyre said this in an odd tone and stood up from the bath and covered his lower body with a towel while seemingly avoiding Bayun Xiaoqi’s line of sight. He then walked barefooted out of the bathroom.

Bayun Xiaoqi hadn’t even had a chance to speak when he already heard the sound of Tyre yelling at Constantine.


The next day, Tyre and the others took the flying train to the development street of the ninth school district. Many students on the street were entering the school one after another. The four guards stationed there stood motionless, but their eyes were constantly sweeping through the faces of every student. He knew that if they found a person who does not meet the information of the two thousand students enrolled there, they will immediately drive them out.

At the same time, there were more than a dozen teachers at the gate. Every time a student passed by, they would take out a letter card from their storage ring and keep saying, “Go to the classroom that corresponds to your letter.”

At this time, Lunaria and the others also took a hover car to the door.

When they got there everyone stopped and stared, whether it was a boy or a girl everyone was looking at Lunaria with a look as though they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Her looks made it difficult for other girls to feel jealous, and didn’t let the boys dare to look at her with profane looks.

Lunaria can’t help but try to hide her face behind her hands. Even though she was already starting to get used to it happening, it was becoming a great inconvenience having people stopping and staring at her wherever she went. Darmiala and others looked at each other and couldn’t help but sneak a few smiles and eventually accompanied Lunaria into the school.

Until Lunaria and others disappeared into the building, students outside the building and outside the door and on the playground kept making all sorts of strange shouts.

“My god, I almost didn’t breathe, just who was that!”

“Lunaria! It’s Goddess Lunaria! She won first place in the competition in the Xavier Duchy. she’s one of the most popular women in the Empire!”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go to class today. I’m too afraid that this might all just be a dream. I can’t even walk.”

“The new club, Goddess Lunaria Fans Association (Avalon Division) has already been created. We have the most magic videos, magic photos, autographs of Lunaria. Everybody come join!”

“I want to join!!”

“I also want to join!”

“How can I join!!”

“Teacher, this is a student club, I don’t think you can join.”


So, until the morning bell ringing, everyone was busy joining the so-called club. The look on Tyre’s face made it look like he was about to die.

Remember what happened? [Tyre danced with then “accidentally” kissed Lunaria at the Duke’s banquet]

He had heard that Lunaria’s fan group seemed to be chasing him.

He thought he was hiding in Avalon, and that the so-called fans wouldn’t dare to come in. But he didn’t expect them to get in so quickly! How long has it been. Yet even Avalon has its own branch club now.

If someone was to let the fan group’s headquarters know where he was in Avalon......

Tyre couldn’t help but shudder.

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11 thoughts on “ATF Volume 2 Chapter 59

    1. He just wears a mask all the time.
      (from the start of chapter 58)
      “......” Tyre tried to calm himself. After his impulsive shouting, what was left was confusion about why Bayun Xiaoqi came in. While thinking about this, Tyre immediately put the mask kept in his ring on his face. In short, this face should not be seen by anyone.


  1. Lmao a teacher wanted a part of that club action, and damn poor Tyre, he only kissed himself and he’s in deep sh*t later in life. XD


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