ATF Volume 2 Chapter 60


Finally, Tyre received the letter “B”. Nine people in a row received the letter “B”, and since Claude, Constantine, and Bayun Xiaoqi were all behind him, they all got the letter “B” as well. They all smiled, none of them had expected that they would all be able to be in the same class.

Later, when they entered room B, they were immediately stunned.

The large classroom B was arranged with stepped seats[1] which surrounded the teacher’s podium at a maximum of 90 degrees on both sides. Unlike the red wall outside the school building, the floor tiles were made up of light blue flower sapphire. They were surrounded by fluorescent stones, so even at night, you could study like it was still day. The most eye-catching things were the huge specter screen behind the teacher’s podium and a small competitive platform sandwiched between the podium and the student’s seats. Its diameter was about forty meters, and it had a magic Dou Qi overflow interception system set up around it. Presumably, this competitive platform would be used more than a few times.

But what really made Claude and others dumbfounded, wasn’t the beauty of the classroom, but the people who were already in the room.

Lunaria, Yexi, Darmiala, LongTu, Niluka, Hana Fuyuki, Angel, Leah, Sand Sword, Ghost Slayer, Roselle Butterfly, Elena, and DiZi were all there.

Because Tyre had already seen this from Lunaria’s point of view, he wasn’t at all surprised, but still confused.

Who was it that had grouped them all together?

Tyre felt like there was a hand moving behind the scenes.

But whether this hand was attempting to shelter them or had more sinister thoughts, Tyre had no clue.

When DiZi and others saw Tyre, they all showed a knowing look, since they must have guessed that since everyone else was here, Claude and Tyre would definitely show up.

“This is really lively.” Constantine took the lead and walked towards them very happily. After all, the people he knew were in the same classroom as him, so his mood would naturally be much better. Everyone else naturally had the same mood as Constantine. After all, there are no people in the world who are not afraid of chaos or misconduct.[2] Besides LongTu they were all a similar age. Even Darmiala showed a slight smile.

“This is certainly the God of destiny that has brought us together.” Constantine’s revelry made everyone else speechless. This clown was once again playing around shamefully in public. Many people were already giving them strange glances.

“That said, the test that the uncle gave me yesterday seemed to be a complete success after we ended.” Niluka suddenly threw out a topic, and everyone couldn’t help but look at the red-haired girl.

“It’s theVirtual World. It’s used to transfer people into the void space, and then the students can fight in it. Because of Ray Lindauer’s innovative technology, it caused a hot discussion in one night. I went to participate in the second test of the system, and I was immediately welcomed by a bunch of fighting enthusiasts.”

“Oh? I didn’t expect that he created the magic system all by himself. I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” LongTu gave a salty comment. Because of what Ray Lindauer said to LongTu yesterday, even after she’s calmed down, she still has a horrible impression of him.

“Niluka, you, what time did you go to sleep yesterday?” Hana Fuyuki asked weakly with a delicate look on her face.

“Obviously at three o’clock, I always go to sleep then.”

Whoa~ Everyone there gasped in surprise. They remembered that it took a quarter of an hour to get from the rest area to the 9th district, even if they took the flight train. It took another quarter of an hour to drive the car, and it took ten minutes to walk in. Now it was eight. After a little calculation, even if Niluka fell asleep at three o’clock, there were only four hours for her to rest, and this was her normal schedule. . . . . .


Even DiZi was amazed. If he slept for less than six hours then he would be listless all day long. Not to mention Tyre, who fell asleep at nine o’clock and got up at seven o’clock the next day, having slept for a full ten hours. Even more difficult to deal with was Bayun Xiaoqi. Trying to wake this guy up was a high risk venture. Constantine tried to get him up this morning and, as a result, got locked in a dark room for a full ten minutes. His tragic situation made Tyre and Claude sure to keep away from Xiaoqi.

“Speaking of sleeping, what were you doing in the middle of the night last night LongTu? Don’t you know that there’s lots of dangerous uncles roaming around at that time?” Darmiala said this while smiling, which made LongTu snort.

“I was running, that’s it. I can’t believe I’m associated with pigs like you who lie around all the time.”

LongTu immediately knew that she had gone a bit too far.

“You’re a pig!!!”

“Oh, LongTu, being like this is no good. How far did you run? I remember you only came back after seven o’clock.”

“I ran to the back door of the campus.”

Everyone immediately became silent, then thay all looked at LongTu with weird looks.

The back door of the campus was the twenty-second school district, how far did LongTu run!

“It wasn’t really that interesting seeing the back door.” LongTu smiled. Tyre and others were naturally curious, while Darmiala was calm since she was more familiar with Avalon.

Seeing that it had a certain suspenseful effect, LongTu no longer kept them in suspense and faintly said

“The celestials are guarding there.”

“Celestials?” One person asked puzzledly. Tyre was naturally also very confused, while somebody else was shocked. Constantine knew that he could finally use his knowledge to impress everyone and explained.

“Celestials live in the heart of the Forest of Funerals. Every celestial has the strength of a Heavenly Child, and their size is huge. Adults have a height of nearly 100 meters, and they have spotless white wings on their backs, just like angels. Because of that they are called celestials. But being able to have celestials guarding the back door, that must look awesome!”

“Yeah, and as far as I know, while the celestial beings have no hatred with humans, they’re very arrogant and disdain interacting with humans. They can actually get two heavenly guards who are obviously like gods to guard the back entrance. It’s amazing.” LongTu was obviously intimidated by the celestial beings as well, otherwise she wouldn’t be amazed like this.

[1] –


[2] – It’s an idiom. And no, I don’t know what it means.

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