ATF Volume 2 Chapter 58

[Okay everyone get your tissues out, the second half is real sad]

The Past

“Bayun Xiaoqi !!!”

Following Tyre’s screech, Bayun Xiaoqi couldn’t help but stare blankly。

“What, what happened?”

“......” Tyre tried to calm himself. After his impulsive shouting, what was left was confusion about why Bayun Xiaoqi came in. While thinking about this, Tyre immediately put the mask kept in the ring on his face. In short, this face should not be seen by anyone.。

Tyre took a deep breath and didn’t even hope to be able to calm down, but just to be capable of ordinary speech. Then again, what was he so afraid of? He had already challenged LongTu so shouldn’t Bayun Xiaoqi be insignificant in comparison?

After sorting out his thought, Tyre said awkwardly to Bayun Xiaoqi.

“Ah! See-you,… please|good......*+%#”

“Tyre, what are you talking about, I can’t really understand so far.” Bayun Xiaoqi felt a bit resentful that Tyre was so quick to distance himself from him. He shifted himself closer to Tyre and the distance between them became only a dozen centimeters.


Tyre, who could usually hold a normal conversation, was speaking incoherent words. It should be said that the words he spoke were more like words coming from the mouth of a monster like Pandora.

Now Tyre’s mind seemed to be recalling what had just happened.

Ah~ No.

Tyre pressed down his mask, Scorpio. What would people say about him if he had a nosebleed now…

Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Tyre finally recovered a sense of reason. After taking a deep breath, he finally managed to keep his speech stable.

“Xiaoqi, you, what are you doing suddenly coming in here?”

“Huh?” Bayun Xiaoqi tilted his head a little. This made Tyre feel that Bayun Xiaoqi deserved to be ranked as one of the top ten beauties in college. Or possibly even in the top five.

“Didn’t I just say? To treat you honestly, and chat about ideals.”

Tyre thought, my dream is to leave this situation immediately. Of course, he wouldn’t actually say it, but what’s up with this treat honestly stuff?

“That, that’s very good.” Tyre, having an ulterior motive, consciously replied to him, But that just made Bayun Xiaoqi feel rather happy, and he moved closer to Tyre.

“In other words we can talk to each other about ideals?”

“Ah~ is, that’s right.” *Bump*, the two’s calves touched each other. He felt Bayun Xiaoqi’s calf touch him, and then looked at his white skin. His silver shoulders dampened by the water, and his smiling face made Tyre absent minded.

Wrong wrong wrong.

This isn’t good.  Tyre waved the bad thoughts out of his mind and heard Bayun Xiaoqi say to himself.

“Constantine said that being honest with another man and talking about ideals is a very manly thing.”

Constantine, right now Tyre’s feelings towards this comic relief character were very complex. Right now, he just wanted to go out and vent his frustrations on him. But that would just be harming others with no benefit for himself. But why should he have to deal with this!

As Tyre’s train of thought flew away, Bayun Xiaoqi had already started talking about ideals.

“Tyre, how did you get into Avalon?”

“Huh? Me? Naturally, I took the exam.”

“I really envy you, I had a recommendation letter sent in.” Bayun Xiaoqi’s statement puzzled Tyre. If he had the fortune to receive a recommendation letter why would he be jealous of others?

Tyre remained silent. This caused Bayun Xiaoqi to smile and wrap his arms around his legs, his whole form withdrawing.

“Tyre, have you heard of the Vermilion Kingdom’s Bayun Family?”

Tyre shook his head, he wasn’t even clear on the Xigely Empire’s famous aristocrats, let alone those of the Vermilion Kingdom, far from the Duke’s Palace.

Bayun Xiaoqi nodded faintly.

“Yeah, you might not know it, but as a child I was spoiled like a prince and I never had anything that didn’t go my way. Regardless of what magic formation or magic spell I saw I could learn it easily.”

The corner of Tyre’s mouth slightly twitched. How could he even use casual and learning magic formations in the same sentence.

“If my life kept going on like that, I’m afraid that would have been too good to be true.”

Tyre nodded, he could pick out the meaning behind Bayun Xiaoqi’s words.

“Until that thing happened.” Bayun Xiaoqi’s voice started to tremble. Tyre didn’t hurry to ask, but waited quietly for the other party to speak.

After mulling over his emotions, Bayun Xiaoqi looked at the clean, jade-like ceiling that was touched by steam, and the water droplets that condensed after cooling.

A drop of dew fell onto the corner of his eye, an icy chill entered his body. He couldn’t help but hold himself tighter.

[Not quite sure what it means but it’s probably just more of Tyre’s perverted thoughts]

这幅样子让同样身为男性的 Tyre 不禁有种想冲上去......*Cough* *Cough*, Tyre felt that Bayun Xiaoqi’s mood had become solemn. He knew that he ought to be serious as well.

“Because the Emperor of the Xigely Empire wanted to marry my older sister, our Bayun family patriarch, my father, went to Sigrid Palace along with much of our family, including me and my sister.”

“Then our dark times began.”

“The Morpheus Executioner family, presumably you’ve heard of it before”

Tyre heard Bayun Xiaoqi’s question and slightly nodded, but wondered why was he bringing up the name of the Executioners right now.

“The train we were sitting on was surrounded by the strongest of the Executioners. Apparently there were was an Empire level bounty on the train worth over a hundred million gold.”

“Because of how young I was, I can’t quite remember what happened, but in the end, because of the so-called Empire level bounty, the Executioners sent all the people on the train to hell, including my older sister.”

“The only ones who survived were me and my father.”

“Because my mother died during this so called ‘accident’, I investigated what really happened there.”

“The result was that, by mistake, the one with the Empire level bounty on their head never actually appeared from beginning to end. Because of this I tried to follow up on the matter.”

“But after returning to the Vermilion Kingdom, my father was always depressed. Even though he was a demigod, he didn’t have enough power to do anything meaningful. Whenever I asked him about the matter, he would just tell me not to talk about it again. After a year, he died.”

Bayun Xiaoqi seemed to have already been prepared to say this, and now he didn’t appear sad at all. He just lonesomely looked up at the ceiling.

“After my father died, my second uncle seized control of the family. As my fathers sole heir, I was naturally a thorn in his side. As a result, they decided to send me here. For the Bayun family, obtaining a recommendation letter to Avalon wasn’t very hard to do. Not long after, I was sent here to study so that I wouldn’t tarnish the family name.”

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  1. Dayum. Wasn’t expecting him to have that kind of baggage. I suppose everyone in this kind of world probably have these kinds of issues.

    Makes me curious about Tyre’s past. Hopefully the author don’t make them up as actual blank slates.


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