ATF Volume 2 Chapter 63

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Cat Teacher Teaches

“I don’t know.” Yexi replied, still without the slightest amount of hesitation.

“Your attitude makes me very unhappy, come down here.”

Yexi silently walked down the stairs and came to the center of the arena.

“Who allowed you to go on there, do you think I want to hit you? You think too highly of yourself, come over here and sit.” The cat teacher pointed at the teacher’s chair next to it, which made Yexi and everyone present puzzled. They had no idea what the cat was going to do.

Although Yexi was puzzled, she still walked to the seat and sat down facing the students.

Her white shoulder length hair and red eyes make the young guys slightly dazed. If they hadn’t already seen Lunaria, who was even more beautiful than Yexi, then they would have been more than just slightly dazed.

Yong Ye arrogantly stood up on the podium, then jumped to Yexi’s white and tender thighs, and found the softest place to lie down comfortably.

“Okay, let’s continue the lesson.”

. . . . . .

Everyone was speechless.

The students who were still immersed in the oppressive atmosphere had been confused by the cat teacher’s freewheeling, but the really clever students had sunk into contemplation because of the Yong Ye’s question.

“The reason why I’m asking you so much isn’t for you to rely on guessing. You all are hoping to not be picked and refusing to confront the problem. Why not think about why you want to escape from the question. Is the difficulty of the question? No, even if you answer wrong, I can only punish you for not knowing something during the end of the month examinations. Am I just being evil asking you these questions? That’s even more impossible. I’m handsome, cute, classy, and stylish, I can’t think of a reason why you would be afraid of me. So that means that the problem must be with you. What problem is it? Of course it is a problem with your mentality.”

“What is required to fight with people? The student who looks like a flower vase, please answer.”

Lunaria knew that this question was definitely for herself, but calling her a vase was really too much.

“Umm, fighting requires a calm mentality.”

“Correct, this is one part of it. But don’t just say one thing and then be done. Is there anything else?”

Lunaria frowned, and frustratedly thought. She knew that half a minute had passed before she finally replied

“Experience and combat skills.”

“Yes, what else?” The cat teacher seems to have endless ‘what else?’ questions, Lunaria felt that there must be a few more answers since she hadn’t been able to satisfy Yong Ye yet.

“Can’t you say it? I guess you’re still too young to know the answer. Come down here.” Since the teacher gave the order, Lunaria had no choice but to walk down dejectedly. Being called a vase and then only knowing as much as a vase would, who would feel good about that.

Lunaria made up her mind that she wouldn’t sleep ten hours after this class. At the very least, she had to take half of her time to study and try her best to look like more than just a vase.

Lunaria went down next to Yexi and faced all the students. her beautiful figure and face made the audience, including the females, full of awe. She was so beautiful that, even if they looked at her for an entire year, they still wouldn’t get tired tired. Yong Ye said that Lunaria was a Vase. But even she was a vase, there were still a lot of boys in the class who wanted to buy her.

“The next person who can’t answer will have a mock battle with the vase student.”

When the cat teacher said this sentence, almost all of the male students became excited, one by one holding up their right hands

“Teacher, let me answer”

“Teacher must ask me this question.”

“Teacher me!”

Their successive voices made the female students look at them with ice cold eyes. All of these boys just wanted to get picked so that they could get close to Lunaria.

How could the cat teacher not know the thoughts of these students. It rubbed Yexi’s thighs with its soft paws, which gave Yexi goose bumps. But due to the cat’s strength and its identity, she didn’t move at all.

“Then I’ll add a rule. The person who loses to the vase student will be directly ordered to drop out.”

The male students who has still been clamoring immediately became quiet.

Although it would be great to get close to Lunaria. It was not worth losing their academic status. Of course, perhaps some fanatics would still try to get called on. But fortunately, there weren’t any of these fanboys in their class. Otherwise, Tyre would really be under pressure.

When the cat teacher saw all the students become quiet, it pointed with its paw and then said

“Then, the student with a mask, you answer.”

Tyre knew that his mask was sure to be eye-catching, and sure enough, he got called on because of it.

Helpless to the pressure of the teacher, Tyre stood up.

“The requirements to be able to fight…” Tyre scratched his head, not knowing how to answer this, feeling like whatever he thought of would be wrong.

The cat teacher yawned, then asked.

“Are you unable to answer?”

“No, I’m still thinking…” Tyre’s forehead began to overflow with sweat, since if he couldn’t answer, he would have to fight with Lunaria himself. This is something to avoid in any case.

Think, think about it!

After fighting so many times, shouldn’t he already know the answer?

Tyre suddenly realized that he had always been fighting under the aura of holy martial arts.

He hadn’t experienced the horror of a life and death situation.

If God’s Fall, Heaven Sword Ensemble, and Ten Million Body Bending Technique were thrown away, whether he would still have the ability to fight someone at Qi Harmony was unknown.

So, in this case, what is he using during a battle?

Tyre asked himself, if everything else was gone, and there was a monster in front of him, what would he need?

“Courage and fear.”

His calm voice echoed in the classroom, and when the other students heard the two words, they stared blankly, and then started thinking about his answer.

Courage and fear. When fighting, They really needed courage, but fear?

“Not bad.” Yong Ye’s voice responded to his answer. It stood up from Yexi’s thighs and looked at him.

“You can understand the nature of weakness. This is very good. Fighting really needs mentality, experience, and skill, but that’s under the assumption that you are equal to or stronger than the person you are fighting. I know that many of you are noble children and are used to looking down on others. But I want to tell you that in Avalon, the freshman are at the bottom, the most garbage group. You could go to the construction site and pick an uncle and he would probably know more than you. Don’t think that I’m belittling you, but except for Claude, DiZi, and a few other people, who would dare to say that they were at the Heavenly Child level.

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