ATF Volume 2 Chapter 62

Yong Ye

T/N: Yong Ye’s gender is never stated.

Faced with the pressure of the end of the month assessment and class competition, the entire classroom had become depressed, not only room B, but also the other classrooms. After all, there weren’t many people who had absolute confidence in themselves.

In such a repressed atmosphere, the students in Room B waited for their first class to start. The curriculum said that the first class was the combat class and that all students could participate. If someone left before the third bell then they wouldn’t be penalized for it, but no one wanted to leave, or rather no one dared to leave. After all, do you dare to guarantee that the topics mentioned in this lesson are not the subjects in the final assessment? If someone made a mistake like skipping class, then they would slowly keep making more until they were expelled.

In such a quiet and strange atmosphere, a black kitten with white paws walked in from the door of the classroom.

Niluka, who was originally suppressed by this group of students, was immediately happy to find the cat.

“Oh look! It’s a little kitty!”

“Oh~ it’s a really rare species, all black fur, long tail, three whiskers this is…” Constantine caught on to what Niluka was talking about and after a little bit of analyzing he looked like he had realized something and exclaimed

“Bengal cat!”

“I’m a Cobo night cat! Idiot!” a dissatisfied voice came from the black cat’s mouth, and the sound echoed around the whole classroom. The original anger that was in the voice gradually became peaceful and quiet.

For whole five seconds nobody made a sound because they were so shocked.

In the end, everyone gasped and was surprised at the same time.

“Speak! It spoke!!”

“Hey it’s just a cat speaking. Do you need to make such a fuss?” The black cat scratched one of it’s leg with one of its paws and then jumped up onto the podium.

No, no, this is generally something to make a big fuss about. After all, such a common cat has a human voice and communicates with them. It was a shocking thing to see.

The black cat licked its paw and then thought about it before putting its paw on the magic line of the podium’s start switch. Then a large cat head appeared on the screen behind the podium.

“Now do you see my handsome face?”

No, no, I didn’t say that I couldn’t see it from the beginning. You deliberately zoomed in and added a close-up.

The cat was a very cute animal, but it’s behavior was a bit disgraceful. After all people usually don’t refer to themselves as I(Zhen).

T/N: The cat always refers to itself as ‘zhen’ which is the word that emperor’s(the ones that rule nations, not the cultivation level) use to refer to themselves. So if you aren’t an emperor then using it is very narcissistic.

Of course, although the students all thought the same thing, no one dared to speak, because since this black cat dared to jump onto the podium, its identity was obviously revealed.

“Then, in the future, I will be the teacher who will teach the combat class every Monday morning. If you have any shortcomings or questions, please bear with it.”

Bear with it?! Black Cat Teacher If we have any questions, do we really have to endure?

“After that is, my name. Because I was born in the land of Vermilion Kingdom, I am called ‘Yong Ye’.”

T/N: Yong Ye = Eternal Night

Everyone was dumbfounded by the attitude of this cat. Was there any connection between everlasting night and the Vermilion Kingdom? Was this normal behavior for the floating teachers?

T/N: Floating teachers move around to different classrooms while regular teachers have their own classroom

“Does anyone have any questions?” Yong Ye had just put those words out when they immediately said

“Since there are no questions, let’s start the first lesson.”

Too fast! The cat teacher didn’t intend to let them ask any questions!

“How many people are in this classroom? You, the stupid looking student on the left, answer the question.” Yong Ye turned their eyes to Constantine’s body. He looked left and right and found that all the students were watching him, so he pointed his finger at himself and asked a bit shakily


“If not you then who else? Obey the rules and stand up when the teacher calls on you!”

“Ah, yes.” Constantine quickly stood up from the seat, and his flustered look made Bayun Xiaoqi, who was sitting next to him, unable to look straight at him without laughing.

“Of course, I’m not unreasonable, kneel down and let’s talk.”

“Teacher, isn’t that even worse?”

“Okay little kid, enough nonsense, quickly tell me the total number of people in your class.”

“Well, I think it should be 97 people.”

“Should be? You actually said should be while in front of me!?” The cat was very dissatisfied with Constantine’s answer. Its right paw was placed on top of the podium, like a griffon holding its prey. It angrily said

“In my class, there are only the most accurate answers, no vague answers! I also know that there are 97 people in the classroom right now. I don’t even need to consciously think about it yet I know it in a flash. Why would I ask you specifically!”

“Uhh…” Poor Constantine was taken in by the momentum of a cat. He was dumbstruck and unable to speak for a moment, and the other students were silent. They were afraid that any sudden movements would attract the attention of the black cat.

The cat used its claw to pat the podium, making an echo, then opened its mouth to speak.

“If students have left before I arrive, if someone is late today, if someone goes to the toilet halfway through class, I can use my perception to know the number of people in a flash, but are you sure this is really the right number? You are because you have been here, and what I have explained with this question is observation.”

“An eagle will hover in the air to observe the direction of its prey. A lion will observe the habits of its prey in the plains. An assassin will observe the environment and work habits of their target in advance. The time spent in a war is often less than one tenth of the pre-war investigation. For a merchant as early as when they have investigated each other, they have already won the game. What about you? What are you observing? Well, the student in the front row can answer this question.

Sitting in the front row was Sand Sword. He stood up and pondered for a while, then spoke in a firm tone.

“Our own value.”

“Yes, sit down, so what else? The student in the upper right corner who has been narrowing their sense of existence, you answer this one.”

Lunaria was a bit surprised and looked at Yexi, who was sitting next to her. She was shocked, because she had forgotten the existence of Yexi from the moment Yong Ye had walked in. Obviously Yexi was using a frightening technique. Interesting skills, but unfortunately the difference in strength between her and the cat teacher makes Yexi’s skills useless.

Yexi was seen through by Yong Ye which made her face gloomy, but she stood up anyways.

“Okay, answer my question Yexi. Remember students, your names and faces, I remember them all.”

Yexi didn’t ponder over the question and didn’t hesitate to say

“I observe the habits of everyone around me, the structure of the environment, the composition of everything around me, and I make sure I can predict what will happen in the future.”

“You’re talking about the perspective of an assassin, but I am asking you about the perspective of a student.”

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  1. This cat teacher is quite interesting. I say I’m liking him. I think he’s the type that get happy when praised.

    Thanks for translating! ^^


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