ATF Volume 2 Chapter 61


“Everyone, take a seat, morning lecture will now begin.”

Suddenly a calm voice came from the direction of the podium. Everyone looked over and saw a man with long red hair, the third teacher Lunaria and others had encountered.

He took a book in his hand and scanned the entire classroom. The faint and horrible pressure emanating from him caused the students to immediately put away their wait-and-see attitude and sit down.

The tiered classroom consisted of three long tables. Lunaria, Yexi, and Niluka sat together; Tyre, DiZi, and Claude crowded together. Although the place was very spacious, it was still inexplicably warm.

Teacher No. 3 saw that everyone was quiet, and that was his opening.

“From today on, I will be your teacher in Group B and Group A. You can call me Teacher No. 3.”

Teacher No. 3? Most people had a puzzled look, but the teacher had no intention to explain it. Then he said

“There are two goals this morning. One is the arrangement of your courses. Here is the curriculum. Please memorize it.”

Teacher No. 3 tapped on the magic lines on his desk, and a detailed schedule appeared immediately on the huge Specter Stone screen behind him.

If there was a dull person in the room, they would be able to remember the schedule. Even Niluka, who was usually a bit slow, could record it directly in her mind.

“On this curriculum, if you have see a class you want to attend, then just go to the classroom on time. If you feel like you don’t have any free time, then don’t say anything. There is a price for freedom. Every month, there will be an exam. If you fail, you will be directly expelled from the school.”

Expulsion! This could scare anyone. How could they be expelled just like that. Teacher No. 3 seemed to know what they were thinking, so he spoke plainly and openly.

“Avalon College is best known for something, and I think you all knew about it before you came.”

When everyone heard it, their faces suddenly sank. Because they did hear about it before they came.

Avalon wasn’t most famous because of their excellent teaching. The school was known best not for the geniuses they groomed, but the horrible dropout rate.

“It seems that the college life in recent days has made you very comfortable, but I am sorry, enjoyment and dedication must be directly proportional, and if you feel that this is the most stressful thing, then you are gravely mistaken.”

This sentence makes many people feel tight, there was something worse than this?!

Teacher No. 3 didn’t keep them in suspense. While all of the students were focusing their complete attention on him, he began to speak.

“The class competition organized by the college has begun.”

Class competition? At this extremely stressful moment, there was another term that they couldn’t understand. This unclear atmosphere was overwhelming in everyone’s heart.

“Among the first year students, there are 59 classes in total. Each class has an average of 2,000 people. The class competition is based on a point system. After planning it out, we will naturally explain it to you. As for the consequences of losing the competition.”

Teacher No. 3 once again swept his gaze over the nearly one hundred students in the lecture hall, and indifferently spoke

“A school year is divided into two semesters. The class competition is held once every semester. If a class ranks in the last five classes, some students with higher individual points will be selected and assigned to other classes, while the rest will be expelled. .”

What?! This could also get them expelled! Some people who were surprised accidentally stood up from their seats, but this didn’t attract the attention of the other students because their moods were similar.

According to Teacher No. 3, every semester five classes would be expelled, that is, more than 10,000 people. Ten classes would be brushed off in a single school year, and according to him, it seems that even in the second year, there wouldn’t be peace of mind. Suddenly, the large amount of pressure was like a huge stone in their hearts.

“Thinking of danger in times of safety is an essential skill for a student. Just like the president said at the opening ceremony, you will be a real student. It is really good to have a college life. But in Avalon, we value your achievements. Those dissatisfied with this system can leave, those who can’t handle the pressure can leave, and those who don’t have enough confidence in themselves can leave. Why is Avalon’s dropout rate so high? Because we do not intend to retain any student who wants to leave. Even if your talents are enough for you to become a god, as long as you want to leave, we can let you go. Even if it’s the class president who is doing something wrong, there will always be a possibility of dropping out of school. Here, you will all be treated equally.” [All equally worthless]

This sentence made the new students feel more suffocated, and the entire classroom was filled with a repressed atmosphere.

“Teacher No. 3, I have a question!” At this time, Niluka’s refreshing voice was came out from the crowd, and everyone stared at her, but Niluka didn’t care.

“Speak.” Teacher No. 3 smiled lightly. This little girl was the chief culprit in his office.

“According to what teacher said, what is the difference between students who come in with a recommendation letter and us?”

“The difference? There are many.” Teacher No. 3 smiled still, as if he had expected this problem, and said

“The first is the five-petal flower on the school uniforms. This symbol represents the honor of being recognized by Avalon. Of course, honor cannot be eaten. I also know this, and honor is preferential treatment. Students with the flower logo have free access to any public self-study facilities, you can ask Demigods to teach you individually, and once every month there is a chance to have contact with the gods. There are still many other benefits. You can go to Tianyuan Hall to look at the list of preferential treatments, I think you could read it all day.”

This sentence made the eyes of students who came in with a recommendation letter shine. It seemed that there was now a little light in an originally dark future. However, the other students who came in through the assessment became more depressed. The differing treatment would make some narrow-minded people more angry. Even if you didn’t care about differential treatment, you couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

Niluka looked at the classroom’s atmosphere again and knew she had turned the conversation in a bad direction.

“In short, today’s morning meeting is over. If you have any questions, you can ask floating teachers. Although a lot of them are new as well, they should know more than you.”

After Teacher No. 3 finished, he walked out of the classroom, leaving only a group of students with heavy hearts.

Lunaria only wanted to clap her hands after listening, because this kind of pressure could push them forward, otherwise they would be content with the status quo and not take the initiative.

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