ATF Volume 2 Chapter 57

Treat Each Other Honestly

Tyre comfortably entered the public bath and the warm water enveloped him. Suddenly, his specter stone started shaking.

Tyre couldn’t help but feel confused, usually people wouldn’t call his specter stone unless something important had happened. Because of that, he got up from the water and walked to the cabinet that contained his clothes, took the Specter Stone out of his pants pocket and then walked back to the bath.

After Tyre returned to the water, he moved into a position he thought looked better and then turned on the Specter Stone 。

“Hello, how are......” Tyre said half of the sentence but then his words got stuck in his throat, because there was a terrible face on the other side of the Specter Stone.

Tyre’s mood immediately worsened.


“Hehe.” Pandora emitted a human sounding laugh and then let out a voice.

“You, very interesting, I, think, eat you.”

Unexpectedly, Pandora’s speech seemed to have improved. Just a few days ago it took quite a bit of thinking to figure out what it was saying. But now, it’s words were distinct. This made Tyre even more gloomy, Pandora was probably using broadcasts on the Specter Stone to study human speech.

“Since ever, since … was forced out of nest, I have been thinking about who discovered me.”

Pandora’s face appeared as if it had been shredded and there were maggots wriggling in it’s diaphragm. This disgusting picture, if ordinary people saw it, would have caused them to immediately turn off the specter stone. But Tyre, in order to be able to face the dead Mr. Jack, must face this monster.

“Then, a sneak attack, mercenary, mercenary division.”


Tyre’s pupils contracted. Impossible! Pandora’s strength wasn’t enough to attack a mercenary division, since several senior iron-level mercenaries should be able to kill it.

“Your, reaction, it seems, is to think, think of the strength of me, and can not go to attack the mercenary division, it is so, itself, this is true, but, you, you, you, your reaction, Let’s get rid of it, this thought.”

Pandora’s words made Tyre stare blankly. The bastard is actually testing himself!

Since Pandora knew little about the human world, it didn’t act rashly, but instead called him with the specter stone and used lies to see his reaction.

This monster, it obviously hasn’t entered the devil lord rank. Yet it already has human level intelligence.

“Really, thank you very much, such important information, let’s contact us next time, contact. Hehe.”

Specter Stone was disconnected by Pandora. Tyre from start to finish hadn’t said a word. Yet his mood had fallen to a very low point.

Obviously the water of the public bath was warm, yet it felt like an ice house.

Pandora has to die. Whether it is for Mr. Jack, or for his own beliefs.

But the school term had just started, and Avalon wouldn’t allow him to leave yet. Therefore he could only wait for the month long winter vacation.

However, there were still four months until winter vacation started.

A long time.

He had to calm down, he couldn’t afford to lose his mind over this.

Calm down, this is the main thing.

In order to be able to one day personally kill Pandora, he must calm down and hone his skills.

Calm down......

Then, Tyre, who was continuously repeating the words, heard a female voice in the direction of the bathroom door.

“Tyre, I am coming in.”

Still can’t calm down! ! !

Tyre face became very red, in an instant his forehead was overflowing with beads of sweat. He wanted to go back and see who it was, but if was truly a girl, then he didn’t want to peep!

No, since the other party dared to come in, then shouldn’t Tyre dare to look? But wasn’t this voice familiar?

“Since we are brothers, we should be honest, right, Tyre.”

Then, a graceful body, with skin like white jade, wrapped in a towel, slowly walked down into the bath.

The faint scent caused Tyre to tremble. Although Lunaria and had already bathed together with a few women, at the time they had all been women. Things like this had never happened before.

Wait a minute.

What did she say?

“What are you thinking about?”

Hearing the other’s words, Tyre’s head turned mechanically to the beautiful girl who only showed her head and shoulders while the rest of her was submerged in the water.

The face became even more beautiful in the hot air.

But, it was a man..

“Ba, ba, ba, ba......”

“Eight?”[Ba(八)=Eight] Bayun Xiaoqi tilted his head slightly and couldn’t help but look confusedly at Tyre. It’s just that Tyre’s face had already become very red, as if it was a volcano about to erupt.

“Bayun Xiaoqi!!!”

The sound from the bathroom spread throughout the dormitory.

Constantine heard the sound while laying on the bed, and then started rolling back and forth, making Claude speechless.

Ten minutes ago.

After Tyre closed the bathroom door, Constantine turned off the Specter Stone, put it on the desk, and suddenly said.

“Claude, when will the two of us bathe together?”

Claude, who had been looking at a magic letter in interest, couldn’t help but hear Constantine’s remarks.


“It’s nothing, just, to be honest. I have already bathed with Tyre. It was very interesting talking about life in general.”

Claude nodded slightly, indeed, sometimes people open their eyes in certain circumstances.

“Well, it’s not too late to wait for Tyre to come out.”

“That’s good, so we could be considered as brothers who have bathed together. Right, we should treat each other honestly, unlike some people who when taking a bath, lock the bathroom, and add a bunch of magic lines.” Constantine looked pointedly at Bayun Xiaoqi, who then stood up and said, quite dissatisfied.

“That’s because you always burst in and start bothering me! Next time you do it I’ll throw you off the nineteenth floor!”

“Well, Xiaoqi, you can’t be like this. As a man, how can you bathe in silence?”

“Man!” Bayun Xiaoqi seemed to be stimulated by this word, and his eyes suddenly became shiny.

Claude looked at the situation with a wait-and-see attitude, while Constantine smiled.

“Isn’t now a great opportunity? Tyre is taking a bath inside. If you go in and treat him honestly and talk about life, he would be very happy.”

“Treat him honestly…” Bayun Xiaoqi’s face was stiff, Constantine saw the opportunity and said to him.

“It shouldn’t be that you’re afraid.”

“How could that be possible! It’s just a little stranger since I haven’t bathed with someone else since I was young! Since you’ve said this, how can I hesitate as a man?”

Bayun Xiaoqi jumped out of the soft bed and ran to the bathroom with bare feet.

Constantine laughed mischievously, his evil behavior caused Claude to sigh and slightly shake his head, then he turned back to his magic book.

Then he heard Tyre’s earth shattering shout.

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      1. from the information I got from midnight and what I know

        Jack was the first person he met (as tyre) Jack then called tyre to help him out from a cave he was in But he was still killed in the end, Pandora got the specter stone from jack And Wants to Eat Tyre


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