ATF Volume 2 Chapter 55

Sleeping Dragon Awakened By A Stupid Human

Five seconds is very short, because of this DiZi had an absolute advantage while Yexi had a very low chance of winning.

LongTu, who was currently far away from them, felt that something bad would happen and shouted out.

“Switch me with Niluka.”

“Okay.” Ray Lindauer didn’t say more and immediately fulfilled LongTu’s request. Meanwhile, in the middle of the battlefield Niluka suddenly disappeared, and LongTu appeared where she had been.

“HaHaHa, LongTu! You also came! Just in time, now I don’t have to go and find you. You saved me a lot of time!”

DiZi’s laughter became more violent. Far away, Tyre heard this and beads of perspiration formed on his forehead.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, at times like these DiZi seemed like a villain.

DiZi played the role well. Just like a villain he had forced the protagonists into a corner, and he was alone fighting a group of women, just like a BOSS. [“BOSS” was in English in the raws]

Tyre was afraid that if he didn’t end it now, DiZi’s nature would just become worse.

In a distant place, Claude was able to sense that LongTu had joined the battle and loudly said.

“Switch me with Bayun Xiaoqi.”

“Okay.” Ray Lindauer tone of voice was a bit dull, like he wanted to go to sleep.

Claude appeared where Bayun Xiaoqi had been and happened to see Tyre moving towards the battlefield.

“Tyre, how are you here?” Since Tyre had entered the battlefield half a minute ago Claude didn’t understand how he wasn’t there already.

“Ah~ just, I was sent flying by Niluka’s magic a moment ago~ Well, That’s it.” Tyre found a vague excuse then asked.

“How about you?”

“I switched with Xiaoqi, now I’m heading over to help DiZi.”

Claude said, then ran faster. Tyre easily caught up with him.

Suddenly, in the middle of the forest, the ravaged battlefield once again began to shine!

Somewhere nearby the sound of a Holy Hymn spread to their ears.

The two of them looked at each other, it was DiZi’s Formation of Holy Punishment. His ultimate attack, 【 Saint of Punishment 】, had already been initiated.

If there were no unfortunate accidents then this strike would already be deciding who won and who list!

When Claude and Tyre came out of the forest, they saw DiZi, who was not in the golden light, and LongTu and Yexi, who were in quite a difficult situation..

“Darmiala has been eliminated。” Ray Lindauer’s voice explained why the couldn’t find Darmiala anywhere, and they weren’t excessively amazed.

“Not bad, unexpectedly you could resist【 Saint of Punishment 】, I must congratulate you.” DiZi gasped, and the bleeding in his abdomen made his face pale. Tyre thought to himself “you’re hurt this badly and yet you’re still talking like that? Aren’t you tired?”

When LongTu and Yexi saw the arrival of the combination of Tyre and Claude, their expressions couldn’t help but sink.

Because, just DiZi was already a huge problem for them. What was even worse was that both Tyre and Claude had beaten DiZi before. Now that the two of them had joined in their chances of victory plummeted.

Tyre looked at the situation and couldn’t help but ask Claude.

“We’ve pretty much won already, right?”

“......” Claude didn’t respond. First off he wasn’t a very good judge, and also Lunaria still hadn’t appeared yet. Plus, he still didn’t know how he was going to confront Lunaria 。

Whether it’s DiZi’s ridicule or Tyre’s unintentional words, they both caused LongTu’s body to tremble slightly.

She was having a bad day.

“In the beginning, Tyre molested Lunaria[only with his eyes], and then he ran away from me.” LongTu mumbled to herself, she hid her face so that others couldn’t see her current expression.

“Then I went to the nine classes and was ridiculed by that wretched uncle.”

“It’s even more ridiculous to participate in this garbage test.”

“I was also taught a lesson by Tyre’s roommates.”

She was unhappy, angered to the extreme.

LongTu’s pugilist technique, Heart of Ice, could no longer suppress her anger.

At this moment, LongTu raised his head and looked at Tyre with bloodshot eyes.

“This anger, has to be let out!”

Yexi’s innate instinct allowed her to escape a distance away without hesitation by using space compression. Just like when seeing a dangerous little animal, she kept rushing to the safest place. [like how you would run away from a squirrel that has rabies]

At that moment, DiZi and Claude didn’t understand LongTu’s current situation. Only Tyre seemed to finally realize that something was wrong, but it was already too late。

He saw LongTu stick out her left hand and slowly take off the ring that was on her right little finger. [pinkie]

A muffled sound vibrated outwards from LongTu and the shape of her body became different. If LongTu had previously been only twelve or thirteen years old, then now she seemed as though she was fourteen or fifteen years old. Her original clothes seemed to be reduced in size, but because her body type did not change very much, nothing R18 happened[sorry folks, not in this novel]. It may be that LongTu already knew that this would happen, and had picked up a larger size of uniform.

But now wasn’t the time to study this problem, because LongTu had already locked eyes with the three of them at the same time after the change.

The huge pressure they felt made all three of them have the same thought.


There was nothing they could do to fight back. This wasn’t a question of whether or not they could join forces. It was as if you wanted to use three eggs against a magician’s fireball. This wasn’t a problem that could be solved through cooperation

Even though, according to Tyre, it was true that LongTu had taken off the ring during their battle with the Ogre King, but she hadn’t been anywhere nearly as strong then.

LongTu saw that the three wanted to escape and couldn’t help but coldly say.

“Thinking about running away? I gave you a chance to escape, but only one.”

Yexi had used that opportunity to flee.

LongTu stopped talking and both her feet left the ground. She slowly rose into the sky. This was something that only someone at the heavenly child rank could do, making use of Dou Qi to float in the sky, reaching heaven in a single leap!

LongTu continuously rose, this kind of occurrence gave the three boys an ominous premonition. They exchanged looks, then quickly darted in different directions. Especially DiZi, who had just been laughing quite loudly, but had now returned to his original refined scholarly image. His weird personality changes made Tyre wonder if he heard voices in his head sometimes

Three people, three different directions. They escaped with a speed faster than that with which they had come.

LongTu had already risen high in the sky. Looking down at the three people running on the ground like ants, she exposed a malevolent smile.

“I’ll turn them all into ash.”

Pugilist technique!

LongTu interlaced her fingers into a big fist and deep blue Dou Qi started to flow around it. Not only was her body surrounded by Dou Qi, but even the Dou Qi in the air was constantly being absorbed.

The three amigos looked up at the ripples that emanated from LongTu and couldn’t help but shiver.

LongTu waited until Tyre and others were about to escape into the woods before she stopped absorbing Dou Qi.

She slowly raised her fists over her head and took a deep breath.

It’s like she was enjoying the fresh air in the sky, and then just like the reaction a sleeping dragon being woken up by stupid humans, LongTu made a thunderous roar.

“Iron Heart Hammer!”[I swear that’s what it said]

It was just like the end of the world. Deep blue energy descended towards the Earth from up above.

The light moved faster than sound, the earth was destroyed equally as fast. Tyre and his roomies disappeared into the light.

Then, it sounded like one of those bells that you hit when you want to check into a hotel was hit.

Ding. Once their vision gradually recovered, they could see that the whole forest was gone.

In its place was a bottomless abyss.

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