ATF Volume 2 Chapter 54

The Fierce Battle Part 5

The endless light finally disappeared along with the destruction it created. The originally lush forest had already been devastated, leaving only scorched earth and wreckage that seemed as though it had been smashed by an army.

DiZi alone was still standing in the middle of what was originally a forest. Head to toe he was bathed in golden light, like the son of God. He slightly raised both of his hands in front of him.

Buzz! The force of the golden light elements spread from his body and roared like a tsunami in all directions.

Darmiala and the others hid behind the tortoise, and when the tortoise saw the horrible power of the light elements it retreated into its shell.

Yexi and Niluka are both hiding with Darmiala, and even Yexi seemed as if she had been shaken a bit by the attack.

“Can you still fight?” Darmiala looked at Yexi and couldn’t help but ask her with a tone carrying a little bit of condescension. It was an obvious slap to the face. Niluka and all of the others have never seen this side of her before. The timid Darmiala that has always kept quiet is actually so competitive. Yexi seems to be caught up in the momentum of Darmiala. Seeing the drive in her eyes Yexi nodded to the two.

“Well, Niluka and I will create opportunities for you. Yexi, you will try give him a blow.”

Yexi nodded again, the three people exchanged a meaningful glance and immediately came out from behind the tortoise.

DiZi still had a smile on his face, and he once again attacked them with brilliant rays of light.

Darmiala, not showing any fear, quickly ran towards the center of the field while a beautiful singing voice transmitted outwards from her. Her unceasing singing seemed so beautiful that it demanded all of their attention.

The next moment, a white snake slowly solidified from seemingly nowhere. This time the sound of her voice was more clearly audible than the previous times [she summoned stuff], but this snake was only one arm length long. The white snake’s  eyes seemed like they carried the intelligence of a human and it subconsciously hissed.

Now her singing voice changed. It was still the same beautiful voice but now it seemed a bit gloomy. At the same time, behind Darmiala an undead knight rose from the ground, its empty eye sockets leaking out rays of red light. It scrutinized the enemy in front of it while DiZi’s imposing manner started to rise.

Suddenly, Darmiala’s voice suddenly raised in pitch and a translucent lion made of blue light appeared and rushed towards DiZi. The sword of light in DiZi’s hand flashed and the blue lion was immediately cleaved in two, yet Darmiala still continued to sing. The lion that should have disappeared suddenly condensed again and rushed towards DiZi.

DiZi’s eyes were red, and his left hand slammed into the lion before he threw it down. He then reached out his hand towards the lion’s head. In front of the lion, DiZi’s hand seemed very small, but the lion wasn’t able to do anything to resist it.

“Get this thing out of here! Are we playing house?!” [T/N: It’s a kids game]

DiZi burst into laughter and his palm sent out some power. The blue lion’s body was torn and its bones crushed.

At the same time the small snake, which until this moment had been motionless , suddenly appeared in front of DiZi. Its long poisonous teeth moved downwards towards him. DiZi happily had no fear and from all over his body rays of golden light started to shine outwards. The snake flew uncontrollably away from him.

“Distance. Forty meters.”

In this moment, after waiting for an opportunity, Yexi finally took action. DiZi from the beginning hadn’t been concerned about Darmiala and Niluka. Looking at Yexi from start to finish, he couldn’t help but be excited when she speaks.

However the next moment, Yexi had already appeared in front of him.

“WHAT!!” DiZi was shocked. If the technique of using the compression of space to teleport yourself was to go beyond the speed of light, then it is beyond the scope of consciousness. DiZi did not even see what she did before she was already in front of him.

But DiZi, worthy of being called an extraordinary talent, when in this situation where he could be facing death did not panic. He stepped back and quickly condensed a sword of light in his hand. He was just about to use the sword when he realised that his body had become numb!

DiZi felt anything but encouraged. He saw that, In front of Darmiala, the red light in the eyes of the skeleton knight flashed and he knew that it was what had made his body dull.

“Cheap tricks!!” DiZi shouted loudly. Golden light suddenly started to shine from under his foot and a transparent shield suddenly flew between him and Yexi.

“Formation of Holy Punishment!”

As long as the golden shield could block Yexi for a moment, DiZi could slow down and the situation would be completely reversed. This point DiZi was sure of and the other three were even more clear on it!

Then, under DiZi’s foot the ground shattered and hot magma suddenly spurted out.

DiZi’s pupils contracted and he saw Niluka singing in the distance. He couldn’t help but roar.

“Glyphs! Do you really think this will work?!”

“It doesn’t need to work”

At this point, an indifferent voice passed into DiZi’s ear.

Distance. Two meters.


Yexi’s voice passed through the golden shield and once again she appeared in front of DiZi.

“It just needs to attract your attention”

“Yexi!!!” DiZi’s eyes widened and he quickly swung the sword in his hands downwards. But, Yexi was faster than him.

The short knife in her hand was like a crescent moon, breaking through the chaos in a moment of darkness.

Its shadow flashed.

Tyre just came out of the forest and saw DiZi being killed by Yexi. He was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected the battle to suddenly turn around in such a short time, yet Yexi and others came up with such a big comeback.

Tyre scratched his chin, then shook his head

“Maybe I should just help LongTu, after all, she has already helped me many times in the past.”

After that, Tyre sneakily returned back to the woods, and on the other side Lunaria rushed to the battlefield again.


The blade flashed.

Her cold voice was ruthless towards him. Even though she was about to defeat DiZi, Yexi didn’t show even a hint of excitement. Because that was a taboo of her profession.

DiZi’s stomach was pierced by the short knife and Yexi thought it was all over. However, Yexi found that she was unable to pull the knife out.

DiZi spit out some blood, but his eyes became even more bloodshot.

Interesting, most interesting. Your ability makes me curious. Your strength makes me marvel. Let me see today, how much can you excite me!!!”

Yexi let go of the short knife, her expression became gloomy.

He actually blocked the sharp army grade knife with his abdominal muscles!

This monster!

DiZi took a step and his footprint expanded again. A huge clock with a dozen numbers appeared before him.

“Formation of Holy Punishment, five seconds. Come Yexi, you only have five seconds left! Let me see your last struggle!”

Yexi clenched her fists, staring gloomily towards DiZi.

Niluka shuddered. In the face of such a powerful opponent, her heart was full of powerlessness. Although Darmiala had the same gloomy face, she had not yet given up, because the clock had not yet reached the last second!

When Lunaria came out of the forest, she saw that DiZi had launched the Formation of Holy Punishment. No one but Claude had been able to resist this attack so far. Tyre himself only took advantage of the cheapness of being able to break the enchantment by defeating DiZi in advance.

Lunaria silently watched the situation reverse again, she scratched her head.

“Sure enough, I still have to help my roommates. After all, I will have to get along with them for a long time. If I don’t fight alongside them now, wouldn’t that just be stupid?!”

Lunaria nodded very convinced and returned back into the woods, while Tyre on the other side headed for the battlefield again. If anyone was to see this whole process, they would have no idea what to think of the indecision of the two students.


Really sorry, I ended up changing a bunch of things and I’m just going to start posting full chapters now.

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad this was picked up again. I was worried that it would get dropped.

    Ahahaha! These two are hilarious! XD

    Seriously, all this started because of Lingtu. Lunaria already said that it’s okay so I think it’s non of their business to butt it. They really make me feel so mad and frustrated. *sighs*

    Anyway, thank you so much for translating! ^^


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